Do you hate wasting money on rent?

The whole concept of just renting a home is great for a homeowner because they have someone¬†else paying their mortgage for them. But what about US? The main reason most of us rent is because we have poor credit. We’d like to buy a home, but we didn’t have any other options… until now!

Here, we won’t reject you if you have bad credit!

In fact, we welcome people with bad credit, or even no credit at all. Also, through purchasing a home via the Rent to Own route, we can actually help build/rebuild your credit! So now, you can own the home of your dreams with bad credit, and within a few years you might end up with great credit!

¬†So… what’s the catch?

Catch? There isn’t one. All you need is a job, not have a felony in your background, and/or not be a registered sex offender, and that’s it! Also, most of the houses available in my secret list are in pristine condition. Seriously, about 99.99% of them look like mini versions of the Taj Mahal! So stop reading this right now, and type in your information in the box on the right so I can spill the beans!



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